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The perfect gift for your loved ones. You will receive the voucher by email and our gift cards can be redeemed online. You can print out the voucher directly yourself.

You will only receive our voucher by email, not by post. After you have completed the purchase, a PDF bundle including voucher, code and self-folding envelope & instructions will be sent to you.

Voucher Conditions


Each voucher can only be redeemed once.

A cash payment or a retrospective credit to already placed orders of vouchers is not possible.

Vouchers can only be used on for the products offered there.


Vouchers (purchase and gift vouchers) can only be redeemed for a limited time. Vouchers lose their validity at the end of the third year (on December 31 of a year) after purchase.

Returning Items

If you exercise your right of return, the reduced purchase price will be refunded.

Purchase purchase and gift vouchers

If they are offered in the shop, vouchers can be purchased like normal items. As soon as you have purchased a voucher and this has been activated after a successful order, you will receive your voucher code in pdf format via e-mail after the order confirmation.

Shop with vouchers

Once you have a balance, you can use it to pay for your order. You can redeem your credit during the ordering process. If the credit is less than the value of the goods, you must choose your preferred method of payment for the difference. If your credit exceeds the value of the goods, you can of course use the remaining credit for your next order.

If problems should arise

If unexpectedly there is a problem with a voucher, please contact us by email: Please describe the problem as precisely as possible.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping within Germany with DHL GoGreen.



Mini Size: 8-9cm
Maxi Size: 11-12cm

Headband: ONE SIZE

Scarves & Hats: see above

Care Instructions

The accessory should be washed on a gentle cycle at 30°C and spun at low speed.

- Do not bleach

- do not tumble dry

- iron warm


From the proceeds of this product, 1€ will be donated to social projects and associations.